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Hands-on Learning with Interactive Technology

for Homeschooling

Think It By Hand and Teaching Table have combined the strengths of hands-on learning with the power of an interactive iPad lessons app to open up new doors to successful learning!

Our Kindergarten through 8th grade hands-on materials are fully integrated with this interactive iPad lessons app. Together, they support a child's learning using the full range of your child's kinesthetic and visual strengths.  Learning is hands-on, interactive and retained!   

Think It By Hand and Teaching Table have designed every product and service with you in mind.  The combination of hands-on learning with interactive lessons will provide you with:

  • A complete hands-on and technology integrated curriculum for Kindergarten through 8th grade
  • High quality and well organized hands-on materials to choose from
  • Expertly designed iPad lessons that are clear and appealing
  • The ability to individually pace instruction for each child
  • Proven long term retention of math skills
  • Fully integrated iPad lessons app with learning management tools

Select from any of our Velcro Sensitive Sets in the Elementary section or from our Presentation Series in the Middle School section.  Then complete your order by selecting the Teaching Table Lesson App before check-out to receive your access code.


Middle School

High School

The Lesson App will soon be expanding to include our high school materials.  Visit the high school section to see our hands-on materials and learning guides. 

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