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Demonstration Videos

These demonstration videos serve two purposes -- To give you an active look at our hands-on manipulatives, and to give you examples of engaging lessons that are possible with your Think It By Hand set(s).  We will be adding to our video demonstration library to further support your teaching. 

Quantity to Symbol Connection

Children in the early elementary grades need a strong connection between numbers and their quantity. This video highlights one use of the Foam Facts 123 set and the Tactile Ten Frame set.


Addition of Fractions

Fractions make sense when children can put them together! As children put fractions together, they put their learning together! This video highlights the Foam Facts 123 Combination Set


Measurement of Volume Made Fun

By using Gallon Guy, students easily learn measurement. This video highlights the Gallon Guy set.


Pythagorean Theorem

The Pythagorean Theorem made clear and understandable! This video highlights the Perfect Pythagoras Presentation Set.


Geometry and Fractions Connection

By connecting fractions to geometry, students will understand and use both successfully. This video highlights the Angle On Geometry set.


From Multiplication to Division and Beyond

Seeing and touching the "how" and "why" of math gives students the understanding they need! Connecting multiplication to division gives them that understanding. This video highlights the Foam Facts123 Combination set.


Combining Like Terms

By making algebra physical, algebra becomes clear! Algebra tiles give middle and high school students the tools they need to see, touch, and learn algebra. This video highlights the Algebra Alive Presentation set with Teacher's Guide included.


Quality and Guarantee

Think It By Hand quality and guarantee assures you that you have the best teaching and learning product for hands-on math and student success!


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